Association of Igbo community in Nantes aka Obinwanne, is an association of Ndigbo living in the western part of France in a region called Pays de la Loire.

It was formed in 2011 and elected its first executives the same year.

The association was formed to with the hope and aim of bringing all Ndigbo living in Pays de la Loire together, to see how we can continue to uphold the communal lifestyle that Ndigbo are noted for.

This we do by coming together to share our talents, ideas and no matter how limited our resources maybe, if put together it can greatly help us to archive our individual and collective dreams, also to see that all nwa afo Igbo living here is up and doing, known to one another to keep promoting the spirit of Obinwanne that we are noted for. 

This association is not just on its own as we are also in contact/linked with other Igbo communities in France, Europe, America and the world at large. We are also involved in some charity works back home to see that our people are not left out in enjoying the good amenities that life has to give.

At present the association is evolving towards a bigger developmental level. It has opened its door to all UmuIgbo to join them to see that Ndigbo has a voice anywhere they are and also also to see that ur language is not deleted from the list of languages still being spoken in the world today.

It is a great pleasure to inform all that Ndigbo I mean Igbo speaking tribes(nation) are not only found in Nigeria but in some other parts of the world like :-

  • Brazil
  • Jamaica
  • USA
  • Bahamas
  • Trinidad andTobago
  • Sierra Leone
  • Ghana
  • Equatorial Guinea.
  • Etc

So we are calling on all onye Igbo to identify with this association to move it forward, ashi agbakoo agbakoo ñuo mamiri y’agbaa ufufu!